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本文摘要:It’s not official, but good journalists at Wired and the Financial Times reported Thursday that Apple’s next generation of consumer devices — iPhones for sure, wearable devices maybe — will come equipped with a NFC (near field communicatio


It’s not official, but good journalists at Wired and the Financial Times reported Thursday that Apple’s next generation of consumer devices — iPhones for sure, wearable devices maybe — will come equipped with a NFC (near field communication) chip for making mobile payments.虽然并非官方消息,但《连线》(Wired)和《金融时报》(Financial Times)的资深记者在上周四报导称之为,苹果(Apple)的下一代电子消费品(确认还包括iPhone,有可能还包括可穿着设备)将不会备有可用作移动支付的NFC(将近场通讯)芯片。This is big news, in part because Apple is so late to the NFC party.这是个根本性消息,部分原因在于苹果再一踏入了NFC领域,虽说有点姗姗来迟。

The rest of the world switched to the technology years ago. Google, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Blackberry, Visa, MasterCard. It’s the way credit cards talk to banks and retailers in most of the countries of Europe and Asia.早于在数年前,全球的其他地区就早已开始使用该技术。参与者还包括谷歌(Google)、三星(Samsung)、诺基亚(Nokia)、索尼(Sony)、黑莓(Blackberry)、Visa和万事达(Mastercard)。

在欧洲和亚洲的大部分国家,信用卡都使用这种技术与银行和商家展开交易。But not in the U.S.但在美国不是这样。That’s about to change. Visa and MasterCard have set an October 2015 deadline for U.S. retailers to switch from magnetic strips to embedded chips. If Apple wants in on the game, now’s the time.这一点将要转变。

Visa和万事达早已原作累计日期,拒绝美国的零售商在2015年10月前将磁条卡替换成芯片卡。如果苹果想入局,现在就是个适合的时机。In April, re/Code’s Jason Del Ray reported that Apple was holding job interviews with senior payments industry executives. In July The Information’s Amir Efrati reported that discussions between Apple and the payments industry had heated up in advance of the launch of what the tech press is calling the “iWallet.” The Financial Times reported Thursday that Apple has tapped the Dutch chipmaker NXP to supply the NFC technology.今年4月,科技博客re/Code的杰森o德尔o雷报导称之为,苹果正在对缴纳行业的高管展开聘用试镜。

今年7月,科技博客The Information的阿米尔o埃弗拉托报导称之为,在公布科技媒体所谓的钱包类产品“iWallet”之前,苹果早已和缴纳业打得火热。上周四,《金融时报》也报导称之为,苹果早已与荷兰芯片制造商NXP洽谈,让后者为其获取NFC技术。Apple can’t change the way most Americans pay for things. As Stratechery’s Ben Thompson observes, it’s hard to disrupt cash and credit cards because they both work pretty well.苹果无法转变大多数美国人的购物方式。

正如科技博客Stratechery的博主本o汤普森所认为的,要制止人们用于现金与信用卡十分困难,因为它们都很好用。But for Apple’s customers — the “affordable luxury” crowd — the pieces of a new payment platform are falling into place.但对于苹果用户,即“平价奢侈品”的用户而言,新的缴纳平台将要浮出水面。In her report on an NFC-equipped iPhone, Wired’s Christina Bonnington ticked them off:《连线》的克里斯蒂娜o伯宁顿环绕装备NFC芯片的iPhone这个话题编写了一份报告,列出了苹果的一些不利因素:o More than 800 million credit card numbers on iTuneso 苹果的iTunes记录了多达8亿个信用卡号码o An installed base of 300 million bluetooth-equipped iPhoneso 苹果卖出了3亿台配有蓝牙的iPhone,享有可观的客户群。

o A fast-growing network of Bluetooth-LTE transmitting iBeaconso 苹果用作升空iBeacons信号的蓝牙-长年演变技术(LTE)网络正在很快发展o A patent on dual-use NFC and bluetooth payment systemo 苹果享有NFC和蓝牙两用缴纳系统的专利o A patent on storing financial data in a “secure element”o 苹果享有将财务数据存储于“安全性环境”的专利o A patent on a payment system that is location and context aware.o 苹果享有需要感官地理位置和情境的缴纳系统的专利According to Bonnington, the payment platform will be one of the tentpoles of the Sept. 9 press circus in Cupertino.根据伯宁顿的众说纷纭,在9月9日库比蒂诺的苹果发布会上,缴纳平台将不会作为仅次于亮点之一庆典登场。Whether any part of the system works for people who own older iPhones — or for people who can’t afford Apple’s products — remains to be seen.而这一平台能否部分应用于享有旧款iPhone的用户,或是那些买了苹果产品的人,我们仍须要拭目以待。

Correction and clarification:Reader James Wester suggests on Twitter that I’ve just conflated NFC and EMV. I’m sure he’s right. EMV, which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, is the international standard for credit card reader interoperability. According to Datacard Edge修正及回应:读者詹姆斯o韦斯特在Twitter上称我把NFC与EMV混为一谈了。我坚信他是对的。EMV代表Europay卡、万事达卡和Visa卡的首字母缩写,是一种让信用卡读卡器互通互用的国际标准。

金融网车站Datacard Edge回应:“NFC technology isn’t directly associated with financial transactions like the EMV standards. One of NFC’s applications, however, is enabling contactless payments via mobile devices, in addition to its much broader applications for data transfer, keyless door entry and much more.” See EMV vs. NFC Technology: Setting the record straight.“NFC技术与EMV标准等金融交易领域的问题没必要关系。然而,该技术需要让移动设备的非接触式缴纳沦为有可能,此外还在数据传输、无钥匙进屋和许多其他领域具有更加普遍的应用于。



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